Motorhomes FAQs

Do I Need a Special Driving Licence?

Not at Struans – because of the weight of our motorhomes they can be driven on a normal manual car licence. We can insure drivers aged 25-80.

What If I Have Points on My Licence?

We can insure most drivers with up to 6 points on their licence and sometimes more than that. More information can be found in section 4 of the Terms and Conditions page on this site, or please contact us if you have any queries.

Can I Wild Camp?

Yes the motorhomes are designed so you can wild camp – there is a leisure battery which powers lights and the water pump. The battery charges while you drive but might last up tp 2 nights without any driving. When not hooked up to electric the gas would power hot water, heating and the refrigerator. Cooking is always by gas.

It is normally useful to spend every 3rd night at a campsite as it is easier to fill up with water and empty the toilet.

Where Can I Wild Camp?

In most of Scotland it is fine to wild camp anywhere as long as there is not a sign saying that camping/overnight parking is not allowed, you are not on private land without the owner’s permission and you are not obstructing the road. The exception to this is in part of the Loch Lomand and the Trossachs area for where much of the year a permit is required - for more information please click here.

Are There Any Hidden Extra Costs?

No. We are clear and transparent with all our costs. Gas and spare toilet fluid are included in the rental cost and the motorhome comes equipped with everything we expect you to need apart from bedding and towels which are chargeable. You just need to pay for food and diesel!

Any options we have are shown on our Rates page.

Is There A Mileage Allowance?

Our motorhomes come with a 150 per day mileage allowance with excess miles charged at 15p. Very rarely does anyone ever go over the allowance and if spending a week touring Scotland it is normally around 700 -800 miles that are driven.

Am I Covered With Insurance?

The driver and any additional drivers stated on the rental agreement are covered by fully comprehensive insurance. You are liable for a maximum £1,000 damage in any one accident but you can reduce your liability down to £250 by paying an additional £15 per day.

Do I Need to Leave a Deposit?

Yes when you collect the motorhome you need t leave a security deposit on card. This is for the same amount as your insurance excess (£1,000 or £250) and is refunded within a few working days of the motorhome being returned.

Can I Take Pets?

We have specific motorhomes that pets are allowed in, this is because of other customers who maye have allergies.

In 2019 we have 4 pet friendly motorhomes – a 4 berth Autoquest 155, a 4 berth Autoquest 195 and two 6 berth Autoquest 196’s.

Are Bike Racks Fitted?

We have removable bike racks so if you require one fitted please let us know in advance. There is no charge for this.

Because of the design of Autoquest 155's and some 2 berths they use a 'suspension' bike rack which fits most bikes but might not be suitable for large/unusually shaped frames, they also require us to supply a bar for bikes without a crossbar and this must be booked in advance.

Please note the weight of all bikes must not exceed 50kg and you are resposible for the damage caused by overloading.

Can I Leave My Car Parked at Struans?

Yes. Most customers leave cars here and we do not charge for it and do not insist you leave your keys.

We are a large new car dealer with around 200 cars on site and have ample parking.

Please note we do not accept any liability for cars left here.

How Much Fuel Do They Use?

The fuel consumption can vary depending on the type of driving and weight being carried but all our motorhomes average 27-30mpg (10.5-9.0 l/100km). This means you could get up to 550 miles on a full tank.

Can I Take the Motorhome Abroad?

Our motorhomes can only be used on the UK mainland and islands. It is not possible to take one to mainland Europe or Southern Ireland.

What are the Collection and Return Times?

Our standard collection time is 2pm and return 10am, and the latest time is 1 hour before our office closes (unless agreed in advance).

However if the motorhome does not need cleaned and checked either of those days then we can be a little flexible on both those times. There is no charge for this but we are only able to confirm that this is possible around 10 days before collection.

Am I Shown How to Use the Motorhome?

On the day of collection we will spend as long as you like making sure you are happy and confident with the operation of the motorhome.

If you are local you can always arrange to do this in advance so that you can have a quick getaway on the day.

What Happens If There Is A Problem?

We realise your holiday is very important to you and in the unlikely event of you having a problem we would always do our best to get you back on the road.

For mechanical issues or punctures during your rental we have 24 hour breakdown assistance, or for issues with the motorhome operation you must let us know so that we could try and locate a local motorhome repair service near where you are that you could visit.

Because of our size we able to keep a motorhome in reserve for in case of emergencies. This means if there was a serious issue that could not be fixed we would try and swap you over to another vehicle so that you could continue enjoying your holiday.